“He” in Poetry

He told me everything I wanted to hear

He told me I was the only thing that mattered to him

He told me he loved the way I smiled

The way I made him happy

The way he was at peace every time he was with me

He made me glow….

He told me he love the way I touched him

The way I kissed him

The way I made love to him

He said all this with such gentleness

Such love

He told me he liked my not so perfect speech

Even when he made fun of it

He told me all this things with grace

He made me smile….

He told he he would always be there for me

That he was gon hold me down

He told me not to worry too much

That he’s got things sorted out

He told me to stop whining and crying about

Things that didn’t make me happy

He told me to be confident in my No’s and Yes’s

He told me to care about myself more often

And he said all this with patience…..

He told me not to be scared of messing up

He told me he knows am not perfect

And still reminded me he wasn’t either

He told me about fighting to be together even when we fight

He told me to speak up for myself when

I felt under pressure

He told me to hold on to his hand when I was unsure of myself and things around me

And he said all this with kindness….

He wasn’t any different from the men I have met in my life

He didn’t get a head start with anything he’s done and does for me

He is has not superman

He isn’t even a god

He is a man, the man,

That has taught me to love purely

Without envy

And he’s done all this with Love.

This man has taught me to love

With patience


Without pride or motifs

He’s taught me to lay everything on the table when things are not okay!

This man,

My man,

Has done all this with humbleness…..!



Sometimes I have no words to describe what loving you feels like,
So I stay silence in hopes that my actions speak on my behalf 

I stay silent hoping my heart can speak for itself 

But today something changed

I loved you a bit more than I loved you yesterday

I thought about you more than I did yesterday 

So I decided to write about it!

I don’t know what Love is supposed to feel like

I don’t even know if I want to 

But if Love is You, 

I want to live within you forever

I don’t know where happiness comes from 

Or how happy I should be 

But as long as it’s with you,

I don’t ever want to be anything but happy! 

It’s not the way you touch me 

It’s not the way you talk to me

Or the way you kiss me

It’s not in the things you give me

Or the words you tell me 

I wish I can put a finger on what exactly you do to me

But I can’t 

I know there’s lovers out there with a dream like ours 

They have done what we are doing 

And again 

That’s not even half the reason I love you

It’s how you ask me how my day everyday without an ounce of selfishness of wanting to go tell me about yours first

It’s how when am having a bad day you ask me to hug it out 

It’s how you call me just to know how am doing at the most random time! 

The way you don’t give up And on me! 

I love you because you chose me

I love you because after a long hard day your smile brightens everything 

And as I get to know you more 

You give me more than I deserve!

And we might not have tomorrow promised 

So I will love you back! 

You have been my beam of light when I was struggling with my darkness 

You have been my strength when I fought to stay strong in silence 

You have been my joy when I had to wear fake smiles to hide my pain and brokenness 

You have been a constant when everyone felt too  unstable to be there for me!

You told me heaven is just an imagination of a place people want to be in 

Am satisfied with that imagination if I get to love you another day!

Thank you for being yourself and for loving me for me’

You Are Beautiful.

    🌸(Words from Mali Music And Kamwari )🌸

                                       .  🌺🌺 .

It’s a blessing to see people

With their heads up to the sky still

Because honestly for the same people

Life can be so real 

Life can be so tough 

But you didn’t stop fighting for the both of us 

I’m honestly amazed by all your strength,

 I am

How high you stand even with all the obstacles 

And I’m grateful you come through for me when you did

So I take this time to stop a moment

And show my gratitude

My love

Thank you!

And for you I’ll put my lighter in the air 

I see whatch’u doing,

And I see whatch’u go through

I do!

So I Put my lighter in the air, and the truth is you’re beautiful, 

You are strong 

You are grace 

You are peace 

You are love

I hope they put their lighters in the air for us,

Maybe then we will become one 

Because we must become one 

Let’s put our lighters in the air for love is beautiful, 

And Love is always the answer 

I know you know that too!

So Many mighty ships are sinking

Many stars are falling down

With no one to stop them from drowning 

No one to hold them up 

So I count it as a blessing

That you hold me up everytime I mess up 

Everytime I lose my way 

Everytime I think I can’t move on 

Everytime I think life is getting hard,

I can tell that you’ve been praying

Because my whole life has turned around,

Everything I touch becomes love 

Everyone I meet becomes happy

Everything I speak becomes a blessing !

And I can’t go without saying

That I thank God for you 

Thank you for being the pillar of my joy

The friend that loved me selflessly

Thank you

For every late night call 

Thank you for every morning text

Thank you for the ‘hey, can we meet and talk?’

You are beautiful.


When It Hurts I will Write To You! 

I wish I could make you understand hunnie 

How things about love work here

I Wish  I could tell you he loved you 

I wish I had evidence to support my answers 

I wish I could tell you why you shouldn’t let him go just yet 

Why you should give him another chance 

I really wish I could

But I can’t 

And I know you find it hard to breath sometimes 

I know you hurt so much you are barely living 

I know you cry sometimes

I know you try to hide the pain too

I know,

I know you wish it wasn’t you in your own shoes 

I know you wish he didn’t say hello when he did 

And I know you regret the nights he touched you

Kisses you 

Hugged you 

Made love to you 

Caressed you the way he did 

And you wish it was different 

But it’s not!


I hope that someday, someone wants to hold you for 30 minutes straight and it’s all they do

They don’t pull away 

They don’t look at your face

They don’t try to kiss you 

And all they do is wrap their arms around you without an ounce of selfishness in it

Because you are beautiful 

You are grace

You are a Queen!

Be gentle on yourself 

You deserve love 

For you are enough!

But when it hurts you some more,

And your heart is heavy 

And your hands shaky,

Run to me

I will write to you.


Clothed in Kindness.

As we sat over a corn of icecream, 

She quietly asked as if to shy off,

“But how can you be so kind yet the world is so cruel?”

And I looked at her and smile

Asked her why I shouldn’t be kind

This is my story.

If I had a son I would name him king 

Yes King!

Because I  would want him to grow up knowing his place is at the thrown 

If I had a son,

I would teach him to be kind because kindness will get him honour and grace

I would teach him to be gentle with others

Because the journey everyone is walking through has fires and thorns of their own 

I would teach him to smile at everyone

Because some have no one to smile at them 

I would teach him to be humble 

Because people would appreciate him regardless of his status in society

I would teach him to love 


With no what ifs and not but 

To never take other people’s generosity for granted 

I would remind him that being thankful is manly 

That saying please and excuse me is important because it earns you respect 

That lending a hand to those who need it isn’t being weak but strong

My King would learn to treat and handle everyone he meets with care and tenderness 

He would learn to speak to people with politeness 

So if I had a son 

I would teach him to be courteous 

I would teach him to respect other people’s options 

I would teach him that judging people only means someone else will judge him

I would teach him to respect 

To respect his woman 

To respect his friends 

To respect his hustle 

But most importantly 

To respect himself.

If I had a son 

I would name him King 

I would remind him to be himself when the world inserts  labels into his personalities 

I would teach him to be different because everyone is taken! 

My words in writing might not move you

My poetry might not change you 

But I hope you remember to be kind 

To love 

To respect 

To be grateful

To be humble 

Humanity is a race and we are all running it

Remember to make it easier for other people so that they can make it easier for you.

And in a world where you can be anything 

Choose to be kind.






She smiled with satisfaction and content As we finished our icecream.
 [stories that touch]

My Black Boy.

Society told him to man up

But society wasn’t  grown enough to handle this black boy 

He was majestic 

His eyes were unconquerable 

He wasn’t scared to rise above  himself 

And what killed him the most was society

Society said he was bad 

That he drunk and smoked too much

That he was reckless and stubborn 

That he didn’t care!

Yet nobody taught him how to

Society told him he was weak 

Weak for loving his woman so faithfully 

Weak for crying when he was brutally bruised 

And his ego killed

Weak for respecting his Queen  

Weak for being gentle and kind 

Weak for understanding to put others needs before his own

Black boy

My black boy 

Let me help you fuck our society 

Because there is nothing beautiful about wreckage 

Nothing pretty about compressing your emotions 



What is beautiful is your strength 



So when anyone tells you to be a man

Remind them to be man enough first 

Before they speak to you!

Yes black boy 

I want you to remember whom you are

Whom you truelly are 

Do you even know what you are capable of?

Do you know what you can do?

Tell me black boy!

Where are you coming from?

Does it inspire where you are right now?

Where are you headed to?

Have you any lessons from your current situations?

Well, let me remind you whom you are 

Because you clearly have no idea how strong you are !

You are a lion In a jungle full of standards and labels 

You are a king amongst people of love and peace 

You are a warrior of courage and positivity 

You are a gentleman worth applause 

You are not too much

Just enough 

You are powerful

You are mighty

Perfect in all your ways 

You are everything above social expections 

So remember to present yourself as a king

Quit settling for dust when you are made for the stars

Quit giving up because you were not made to break

Stop postponing your achievements 

Stop black boy stop

Don’t let them lie to you

You deserve respect



Mwanaume si effort 

You equally deserve the first place

Learn to work for it 

Don’t be rude 

They don’t take that lightly here 

They will victimise you in the name of equality 

Be careful what you say

They will crucify you in the name of gender balance 

Mould your words 

Or else they will form agencies to stand and speak against you 

Remember not to raise your hands upon her 

Remember not to raise your voice to her 

Or else they will kill your soul with hate speeches 

Black boy 

My black boy 

Rise about society expectations 

Be a black boy 

Be a superman because batman can’t fly 

21st Century’s woman 

 ( Location : Mombasa Island )

She didn’t know how strong she was until he told her

She didn’t believe how beautiful she was until he reminded her

She didn’t expect to be so kind until he emphasised how her kindness brought him joy

She didn’t think she was truth until he told her that’s she was his truth to life 

She didn’t remember how happy she was until he texted her about it

She didn’t want to know how genuine she was but he still called everyday to tell her that her genuine heart gives him life

21st century’s Woman 

You are strong 

Living amongst lions raging with courage 

You are enough 

You are love 

Pick up your crown 

Fix it right 


And walk to the light!

You are incredible 

You are the sun 

The moon and everything in between 

Your melanin 

Your smile 

Your curves 

You are a galaxy of beauty 

You are an aspiring beam of light 

Get up you 21st century’s woman 

Don’t settle for candles when you were taught to love the sun 

Don’t hate it will show how empty you are

Kindness will feed your happiness 

Because kindness is so gangster 

Anger will only show them your fears 

Peace will make you stronger 

But love 

Love will make you free 

So love the ocean 

Love the sea 

Love the river

Because when the world is scared of embracing you when you are too broken 

The water will not be scared to embrace you 

Water will not be afraid to touch every inch of you 

And after, it will wash away with all your sorrow 

21st century’s Woman 

Learn to fix other queens crowns

Rejoice in their success 

Compliment them 

Let them know you care 

Because that’s what strong women do 

21st century’s Woman 

I am proud of you 

The far you have come 

The far you are yet to go 


Don’t crack too easy 

They don’t understand your burden 

So don’t tell them about it 

Work harder if you have to 

Pray if you have to 

Ask for help if you have to 

Do what you have to do 

Do not be afraid of whom you are 

You are one of a kind 

You are love 

So supreme


You are power.
(Dedicated to all the women I have met along this walk ! Thank you for walking with me. To our mothers , grandmothers, sisters, aunts and lady friends!. All of you are beautiful.stay alive )